Aysgarth Rock Garden Aysgarth Edwardian Rock Garden
Unfortunately there are no records of the original Rock Garden plantings but during the 2002 restoration, in  addition to numerous native ferns - including Asplenium ceterach, the following plants were amongst those  identified as likely to have been original:  Picea glauca var. albertina ‘Conica’ - on the left hand side of the path just inside the entrance gate (area 3)  Ramonda ?myconi - on the rocks facing you just beyond the the above plant but before you reach the donations  box (area 5)  Bergenia cordifolia - on the highest areas.  Juniperus squamata - a huge spreading plant at the back of the garden (area 17).  Osmanthus delavayi (area 13)  Berberis darwinii (area 2)  Several campanula. An unidentified species tulip.  Many plants are widely spread around the garden, for example: Asarina procumbens (Heart-leaved  snapdragon), Bergenia cordifolia and Pinus mugo ‘Pumilio’ (on the highest areas), Iberis sempervivens, Alyssum  saxatile, Asplenium scolopendrium (Hearts tongue fern), Erinus alpinus, Sedum album, sedum anglicum and the  beautiful but weed-like Meconopsis cambrica (Welsh poppy).  The current plant list (see links above) comprises the 2002 restoration planting and new plantings between  2012 and 2019 Garden plan. 
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